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Sunbathing provides us vitality and strengthens our immune system. Just like the natural sun, tanning beds can activate the production of vitamin D in our body to make us resilient to diseases and strengthen our immune system. The reason for this is due to the UV-B component which can be found in the spectrum of the natural sunlight as well as in the spectrum of modern tanning lamps.

Unlike the natural sun, solarium sun can be calculated exactly and thereby allows to determine the ideal dosage for professional applications perfectly attuned to each individual skin type. This helps to avoid excessive and possibly hazardous sun exposure. The staff at the tanning salons are trained for this and can recommend your individual tanning schedule tailored to your skin type regarding the duration and intensity of your tanning session exposure. The right dosage adapted to the skin type is crucial for a correct suntanning session to avoid harmful, excessive exposure. Avoiding the sun entirely is not the right solution.

For many people the up-to-date solarium technology featuring the latest photobiological limits ​​has become a popular option to the natural sun because the dosage can be determined very precisely. It also represents an ideal complement to the natural sun. It can be used at any time to trigger the production of vital vitamin D and not just before or after a long working day, when the sunlight outside is too weak or not available at all.

We would be happy to advise you on our comprehensive range of tanning lamps, to provide not only a beautiful tanning effect but also support the vitamin D production.


Interesting facts about vitamin D formation by the sun:


  • The media often point out the risks of sunlight for the development of Skin cancer. On the other hand, the risks of vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sunlight shouldn’t be underestimated. What recommendations should one follow? What does a healthy use of sunlight and vitamin D look like
  • Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin through the action of ultraviolet (UV)Rays and strengthens your immune system. Make use of the positive effect of the sun deliberately and according to your skin type. Speak with your solarium staff for advise!
  • A well-dosed deliberate sun exposure, which is necessary for a sufficient vitamin D-supply does not lead to an increased risk of skin cancer.
  • Sunlight is the source of life on earth. The bond between manhood and the sun is of fundamental importance. The current discussions about sun protection and vitamin D reminds us that every human should develop this relationship actively and consciously.
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