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The RUBINO spring promotion 2022 brings a natural tan into spring and peps up the tanning salon! During the promotional period from April 4th to May 27th, our customers will receive lots of attractive RUBINO advertising material in a refreshed RUBINO look with glam factor. As a new advertising medium you get 3-part ceiling hangers in round shape which rotate happily once they are hung (e.g. in the entrance area). The promo package also includes head-high stickers. With these stickers, the red and gentle beauty and tanning lamp RUBINO can be advertised directly on the cabin door, for example. New RUBINO posters and RUBINO neck pillows or RUBINO body lotion complete the spring promotional package.

Tanning with RUBINO beauty and tanning lamps is intelligent system care: Everything is very well matched, from the lamp to the skin care afterwards. Use the RUBINO advertising material to advertise the positive properties of the RUBINO directly in the salon and thus increase your sales success! If required, we would be happy to advise you on further advertising material, such as the RUBINO SUN & CARE Collection for example. Just get in contact with our customer service.

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