Rubino HP

Cosmedico RUBINO high-pressure lamps offer superior effectiveness and the feel-good effect for the skin. They have a well-balanced spectrum of  UV and red light with increased spectral distribution from 690 nm onwards. As a result direct pigmentation is enhanced by up to 50% entailing a gentle tanning result, while leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh.  Standard filters may be used however, the application with 0.3 filter glasses will optimize the effect of the red light component.

NameLeistung (W)Länge (mm)Elektrodenabstand (mm)Kolben Ø (mm)SockelQuarzNLD (h)VE Stk.Art Nr.hf:tax:leistunghf:tax:laengehf:tax:elektrodenabstandhf:tax:kolbenhf:tax:sockelhf:tax:quarzhf:tax:nldhf:tax:ve_qtyhf:tax:num
Cosmedico RUBINO 250-500W GY 9.5250-500108,53216,3SE-GY 9.5OF5002531444250-500108532163se-gy-9-5of5002531444
Cosmedico RUBINO 500W R7s5001063216,3R7sOF500253144350010632163r7sof5002531443
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