Cosmedico 10K100 HP

Cosmedico 10K100® high-pressure lamps not only impress with their exceptional optics in elegant black and gold. They are also convincing through their amazing inner values. The gold coating of the metal parts reduces electrical losses and contact resistance and increases their resistance to oxidation and corrosion. As a result, the contact conditions are improved, which increases the electrical efficiency and thus the overall UV performance compared to conventional high pressure lamps.

NameLeistung (W)Länge (mm)Elektrodenabstand (mm)Kolben Ø (mm)SockelQuarzNLD (h)VE Stk.Art Nr.hf:tax:leistunghf:tax:laengehf:tax:elektrodenabstandhf:tax:kolbenhf:tax:sockelhf:tax:quarzhf:tax:nldhf:tax:ve_qtyhf:tax:num
Cosmedico 10K100 250-520 GY 9.5250-5201053213.5SE-GY 9.5OF8002530360250-520-en105-en32-en13-5-ense-gy-9-5-en-2of-en800-en25-en-230360-en
Cosmedico 10K100 400 R7s300-50010631.513.5DE-R7sOF8002530364300-500-en106-en31-5-en13-5-ende-r7s-en-2of-en800-en25-en-230364-en-2
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