Active and versatile association work is an essential pacemaker of technical progress. By joining forces, interests can be pooled and focused to pursue common goals. Through our association work we support the overall economic development and create values for all members of the association. The know-how and commitment of each member counts.


The European Sunlight Association (ESA), which is the European voice of the tanning industry, is actively co-operating with policy makers in the EU. This is where, among others, training and education standards are set for the salon operation in Europe to ensure the highest possible level of safety. We are a committed member and play a responsible leadership role.

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A strong team spirit! This is the motto of the Federal Association of Tanning e. V. (BFB), in which we hold a responsible executive function and get involved as a member. The association acts as an stakeholder for the tanning industry, representing the interests and concerns of its members against legislators, the public and each other.

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