Cosmedico Rubino


UV and red light in perfect combination

Cosmedico RUBINO has the perfectly balanced spectrum of effects of UV and red light for smooth skin and
a beautiful tan. Its red light spectrum increases the UV-compatibility and thus also the feel-good factor during
the application. Its balanced spectral distribution improves direct pigmentation by up to 50%.

Overall, Cosmedico RUBINO is visibly superior to a collagen tanning lamp, both in terms of tanning intensity as
well as skin compatibility and the pleasant feeling during and after its application.

The convincing application results:

  • Significantly improved direct pigmentation
  • Smoother tanning process
  • Longer lasting beautiful tan
  • Increased UV compatibility
  • Protection of cells against free radicals
  • Activation of oxygen supply to the skin
  • Stimulation of the skin metabolism
  • Smooth and refreshing skin feel
  • High feel-good factor

Curious about Cosmedico Rubino? Download our Rubino folder here.



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Cosmedico COSMOFIT+ is our enhanced COSMOFIT lamp program with a new UVA phosphor Made in Germany. The new UVA phosphor together with the modernization of our phosphor processing technology and the innovative overhaul of our phosphorcoating process lead to convincing product improvements in the new COSMOFIT+ range.

Find out more about our COSMOFIT+ lamp program    and download our Cosmofit+ folder here.


Cosmedico WILD WAVE


Cosmedico WILD WAVE, our new tanning lamp with striking WAVE Design can be experienced in two different versions: BLUE and RED. You choose yourself whether you prefer to enjoy a vitalizing or a relaxing effect and, in any case, make a WILD TANNING EXPERIENCE with exceptional tanning results and additional positive effects on body and mind.

The WILD WAVE lamp family spoils their users with attractive tanning results and a long-lasting tan. Its regular glass notches generate an increased UV output and extra warmth during the tanning session - a quite welcome side effect during the cold winter months!

In addition, by its VITAMIZE effect you will fill again your Vitamin D reserves during the dark season. Users can choose between WILD WAVE BLUE and WILD WAVE RED and thus experience a vitalizing sunrise or a relaxing sunset effect as desired.

And there is more: Further positive effects on body and mind complete the special tanning experience with Cosmedico’s WILD WAVE, such as the activation of the metabolism or the promotion of concentration. Curious about the other benefits of WILD WAVE RED or BLUE? Download our WILD WAVE folder here.

The WILD WAVE range is compatible with the most common 0.3 solariums.

The COSMEDICO 10K100® range – a success story



The Cosmedico 10K100® and 10K100®PLUS lamp series are the perfect upgrade for any tanning bed. These lamps provide absolute premium quality and generate a maximum tanning power, also in 0.3 solariums. 

Tanning with the Cosmedico 10K100® – an amazing experience

With this lamp series, different skin types (II-IV) develop an instant and long lasting DELUXE tan. The two main tanning factors – the fast immediate pigmentation and the long lasting tan – are ideally matched. Thus, when used correctly, Cosmedico 10K100® lamps provide a plus of 10% or more tanning effect compared to other tanning lamps.

The advantages of the 10K100® range

• maximum tanning effect also in 0.3 solariums
• fast instant and long lasting tan
• high quality phosphor for "DELUXE" tanning complexion
• comparatively short tanning time
• ideal tanning effect for all users (whether fair-skinned, untanned or pre-tanned)
• intensified tan with repeated use

The PLUS of benefits of the 10K100®PLUS

The Cosmedico 10K100®PLUS lamps shine bright with

  • even more instant tanning effect
  • fascinating "GOLDEN TAN"

by new phosphor mix and optimized reflector.

In addition, it offers all the proven product benefits of the 10K100® lamp series.

The 10K100 low pressure range


You can also download the 10K100 low pressure range here.

10K100® high pressure lamps

Cosmedico 10K100® high pressure lamps complete the 10K100® DELUXE tanning lamps program. They captivate not only visually, but also have absolutely convincing inner values:

• enhanced value through gold plated and refined components
• lower contact resistance and electrical losses
• high resistance of the metal parts against oxidation and corrosion
• improved contact points due to decreased oxidation tendency
• high quality appearance with black base and gold imprint
• reduced electrical resistance through gold plated inner contact points
• increased electrical efficiency achieving more UV output
• gold plated base contacts as well as lamp bar for type GY9.5


You can download the 10k100 high pressure range here.

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