Cosmedico 10K100®

Cosmedico 10K100®

The new Cosmedico 10K100® is a particularly special tanning lamp. It is the premium upgrade for your sunbed par excellence and brings the best out of your appliance. No other tanning lamp can deliver such convincing tanning results.  

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Cosmedico’s strong partners

Renowned companies have been committed to the Cosmedico brand for a long time. Allow us to present to you the significant Cosmedico partners from the group of companies:

Brand division Cosmedico Medical Systems

The increasing demand for medical UV lamps and therapist treatment units as well as the phototherapy treatment types developed by medical research over the years, prompted Cosmedico to found a medical business division in 1992.

The result of the fundamental expansion of this medical engineering sector was that Cosmedico’s photometric competence was also expanded intensively and the use for beauty purposes was hot on its heels. Since 2009, Cosmedico’s brand division Medical Systems has been concentrating on cosmetic light applications. The knowledge of phototherapeutic applications is used especially for the field of beauty therapy. The key is the scientific discovery that the effect of cosmetic products can be considerably boosted when applied in combination with light. The devices from Cosmedico Medical Systems are used both, in professional settings and in the home.

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Cosmedico subsidiary in USA

Cosmedico is internationally successful and is trusted around the world. The slogan: “Be present locally and know what moves our customers.” is an essential recipe for success here. For this reason, we founded Kosmedico Light, Inc. in Chicago way back in 1986 when we were developing the important US market. The subsidiary is now operating as COSMEDICO LIGHT, Inc. and located in Weymouth (near Boston), USA.

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The roof of the group of companies

2000 saw the grounding of JW Holding GmbH as a holding and management company. This holding company manages the now widely expanded consolidated companies.

As a pioneer in the tanning field, the companies of JW Holding GmbH offer the positive effect of light in a wide range of forms and spectra. The group of companies is now a global leader for quality and innovation in clearly defined markets. The group operates sustainably, both as far as the company and its employees are concerned and in economical and ecological terms.

You can get to know the whole JW Holding group of companies here.

Having the production pro in the own group

NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH + Co. KG, based in Brand-Erbisdorf (near Dresden / Saxony), Germany, has been part of JW Holding GmbH since 2000. The light specialist was founded in 1967 and expanded its production department with its own glass factory in 1972. In addition to a wide range of light bulbs, halogen bulbs and fluorescent lamps, the lamp manufacturer began producing tanning lamps in 1995 and later complemented its portfolio with medical ultraviolet lamps. These were then closely followed by the production of vacuum tubes for solar heat.

Discover the world of the light specialist NARVA here.

Sharing business success for a better life

Cosmedico’s founder and managing director, Jörg Wolff, has been committed to voluntary work in a number of areas and supporting humanitarian projects financially for a long time now. Even today he is active in a variety of fields and fighting for people’s well-being. Jörg Wolff’s multifaceted life and desire to allow others to share in his success led to his founding a foundation in 2004. The Jörg Wolff Foundation is devoted to a range of humanitarian projects in the fields of development aid and supporting culture and research. The one thing they all have in common is the objective of giving people a better life.

Find out how entrepreneur Jörg Wolff lets others share in his success by means of his foundation.

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