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RUBINO high pressure

New high pressure lamps from Cosmedico offer both: enhanced tanning effects and feel-good factors for the skin. Their perfectly balanced spectrum with UV and red light shares leaves the skin smooth and refreshed after use.
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Cosmedico Cosmofit+

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Improved Cosmedico phosphor technology

Cosmedico COSMOFIT+ is our enhanced COSMOFIT lamp program where a new UVA phosphor with quality Made in Germany is used.

Cosmedico Video


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Our new video takes you into the tanning world of the Cosmedico brand and lets you experience the production process of Cosmedico tanning lamps first hand. Peppy rhythms accompany the visual experience - so sound on!

Cosmedico 10K100®

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Cosmedico 10K100®

The new Cosmedico 10K100® is a particularly special tanning lamp. It is the premium upgrade for your sunbed par excellence and brings the best out of your appliance. No other tanning lamp can deliver such convincing tanning results.  

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Closer to people, closer to the sun
Without compromise.

It’s all down to the spectrum.

The right spectrum for a tanning lamp is what offers safety. It ensures excellent tanning results and well-being. Cosmedico’s experience creates trust.

The spectrum of natural sunlight is our passion.

This is not just a question of UV-A and UV-B. With our over 35 years of experience we have developed lamps that can do much more for people’s joie de vivre.

Outstanding tanning results, biopositive effects you can truly feel and a desire for more — simply a great feeling. We’ll take on the responsibility. And nobody does more for this great feeling when tanning than us.