Cosmedico 10K100®

Cosmedico 10K100®

The new Cosmedico 10K100® is a particularly special tanning lamp. It is the premium upgrade for your sunbed par excellence and brings the best out of your appliance. No other tanning lamp can deliver such convincing tanning results.  

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Advertising materials

As a solid partner, we also offer you marketing material to support your advertising activities and sales promotions. Whether you need support to stimulate your commercial activities or advertising material to draw attention to the salon: Here you can find target-oriented marketing material supporting your sales activities quickly and directly.

As an authorised Cosmedico dealer, you have a wealth of top quality advertising material at your disposal for your customers. You can download advertising templates for your own promotional campaigns and on-site advertising as well as images for your own publications!

You can procure advertising material for your point-of-sale in the salon from your Cosmedico dealer. Simply send your request here and your nearest Cosmedico dealer will contact you in return.

Get a first impression of the comprehensive Cosmedico advertising materials here:


Posters are ideal as sales support material at the point-of-sale. They allude the salon customer to what you have on offer and spark his interest.

0.3 posters

The Cosmedico 0.3 poster displays the biopositive effect of tanning with UV light and communicates the conformity of the Cosmofit tanning lamps with the new legal requirements. The poster features the 0.3 sticker, which is also available as an additional advertising material for designating a 0.3 sunbed. The poster is available in the following languages: en, hu, it, sk.

10K100® poster

The attractive 10K100® poster with its luxurious gold look and feel draws the salon customer's attention to the new Cosmedico 10K100® lamp with 10% extra tanning effect. The user of this lamp is guaranteed rapid immediate pigmentation and a long-lasting deluxe tan, also within 0.3. Salons can use the poster to promote their 10K100® cabin exclusively thus communicating to their customers that tanning on this sunbed is a truly special experience. Available in the following languages: cs, de, en, hu, it, pl, ru, tr.

COLLAGEN Pro Beauty poster

The COLLAGEN poster informs salon customers about the skin-rejuvenating sensation directly at the point-of-sale. It lists 5 attractive reasons for the COLLAGEN light application and describes the positive effects of the red light on skin and well-being. This poster emphasises the beauty and anti-aging offer directly in the salon. Where applicable, it can also be used to designate the COLLAGEN cabin. Available in the following languages: de, en, it, ru.


Stickers bring a message across to your customers succinctly and effectively. Whether a new product, a special product feature or a safety information might be of interest to your customers: Affixed directly to the sunbed or cabin door, the little eye-catchers will speak for themselves.

0.3 sticker

The 0.3 sticker (Ø 10 cm) can be used to show customers which ones are 0.3 sunbeds. The sticker creates trust and safety for the customer as it communicates that the sunbed corresponds to the legally required irradiance. In turn, this casts positive light on the salon and promotes trust in its tanning offer. Make use of the sticker’s positive message after converting your devices to 0.3 — it’ll strengthen your customer relations. Available in the following languages: de, en.

10K100® stickers

This luxurious sticker (Ø 10 cm) with its gold look alerts salon customers to the special Cosmedico 10K100® lamp in the sunbed. It confirms the excellent tanning result to the customer and communicates: More tanning power inside! Reason enough for trying it out straight away and experiencing the 10K100® deluxe tan on your own skin! Available in the following languages: en.

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