Cosmedico Accessories

At Cosmedico you can find all the salon accessories you need from one source! Whether you need starters, ballasts, ignitors, UV meters or disinfecting agents: Cosmedico accessories are always top quality.

Cosmedico Starters

Cosmedico starters are designed for use with Cosmedico tanning lamps and guarantee reliable and trouble-free ignition. This guarantees the tanning lamps a long service life (operating period). In addition to conventional starters for all common wattages, the range also includes the electronic starter Cosmosmart/E, with a service life five times longer than a standard starter. Cosmedico starters – perfect right from the start!

Cosmedico ballasts

Cosmedico ballasts guarantee consistent power supply to the low pressure and high pressure lamps thanks to their precise setting of the impedance value. They are available for all common wattages. Whether in the slim or cubic design, with screw or push terminal connection: you can always rely on Cosmedico ballasts.

Cosmedico ignitors

Cosmedico ignitors bring the best out of every sunbed and guarantee reliable ignition for a long time to come. All ignitors have a high-quality aluminium housing and are equipped with a safety fuse, which triggers automatic switching off if necessary.

Cosmedico meters

Cosmedico meters are easy-to-use, versatile, calibrated UV measuring instruments for determining the irradiance of sunbeds. The handy, robust design of the battery-operated radiometers guarantees hardiness and durability. Every device measures a different radiance. From UV-A to red light right up to the entire irradiance. The sensor head of the Eer meter, for instance, measures the erythemal irradiance and checks whether the sunbed complies with the maximum value of 0.3 W/m² as per the European Standard for EU member states. It also measures the entire radiance specially for the UV-B and UV-A ranges. The measured values are shown on the display in W/m². The meter is also optionally available with an USB port. Request the respective Factsheet for the devices, which provides information about further details. Or consult our UV experts for personal advice!

Cosmedico Destacryl ultra

Cosmedico Destacryl ultra, the concentrated disinfecting agent in the practical 150 ml bottle ensures hygiene in the salon and spreads a pleasant scent. The extremely effective disinfecting agent — 150 ml of concentrate yield 10 litres of ready-to-use spray — disinfects all waterproof surfaces in salons, saunas, fitness studios and wellness areas. Cosmedico Destacryl can be used to clean all plastic and acrylic surfaces without damaging the materials. The tested compatibility with acrylic glass leaves sunbed gleaming like new after use as well as being clean and hygienic. The special cleaning agents have been tested according to the DHGM guidelines and proven to be particularly gentle on the skin and biodegradable. The short exposure times and the practical 1 litre spray bottle makes efficient disinfection possible in the blink of an eye. The practical acrylic card for the sunbed with the attractive Cosmedico visual and “Freshly disinfected” lettering confirms the gleaming result!


Factsheet Destacryl oder Sicherheitsdatenblatt Destacryl downloaden.

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