Cosmedico 10K100®

Cosmedico 10K100®

The new Cosmedico 10K100® is a particularly special tanning lamp. It is the premium upgrade for your sunbed par excellence and brings the best out of your appliance. No other tanning lamp can deliver such convincing tanning results.  

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Cosmedico has been a premium-tanning lamp brand for over 40 years!

Making the positive effects of the sun available to people at all times was the drive behind Friedrich und Jörg Wolff and the foundation stone for the development of the tanning sector as it is today.

After his brother Friedrich Wolff had invented the sunbed in 1975, Jörg Wolff founded Kosmedico - Vertrieb kosmetischer und medizinischer Lampen GmbH (later Cosmedico Licht GmbH) in Stuttgart in 1976. He recognised what an important role the tanning lamp would play in a sunbed and specialised in offering tanning lamps.

Over 40 years, Cosmedico has grown, developed international markets and taken on a number of new fields. Today, Cosmedico, the premium brand for tanning lamps, is a part of JW Sales GmbH. With Cosmedico, Wolff System and iSOLde Licht, JW Sales GmbH has three of the world’s most successful tanning lamp brands in its portfolio.

Cosmedico as a brand division of JW Sales GmbH is part of JW Holding GmbH in Stuttgart. JW Holding GmbH is an independent, medium-sized family business. The companies belonging to it are specialised in the fields of tanning and fluorescent lamps as well as vacuum tubes for solar heat. The group of companies is famous for its trendsetting technologies and products produced in Germany. The group employs around 270 employees across the globe and delivers to customers in over 60 countries. The annual turnover of the holding company is now around € 60 million.

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