Solarium 0.3

Solarium 0.3

0.3 – the new tanning dimension in the EU

In the European Union, commercially employed sunbeds are subject to requirements stipulated in national laws, European directives and harmonized standards. These regulations concern both the operation of the device and the application of the lamps.

In the member states of the European Union, the erythemal irradiance of tanning equipment is specified as a value of maximum 0.3 W/m² by the safety requirements of the European standard (EN 60335-2-27). New devices are configured accordingly. For existing equipment from earlier generations, the compliance and monitoring of the defined irradiance is regulated in the respective member states of the EU by European directives and in many cases also by national laws.

Some other countries within Europe are subject to the same European standard; that means that the erythemal irradiance of tanning equipment must not exceed 0.3 W/m² there either.

In other European countries and in countries outside of Europe in turn, the IEC standard (IEC 60335-2-27) applies restricting the effective irradiance to 0.7 W/m². In addition, there are also countries which enforce regulations depending on the type of equipment or which restrict the dose (instead of the irradiance).

As a general rule: The requirements on commercially employed sunbeds — and as such the regulations for the application of lamps too — are specified by national laws and/or harmonized standards.

Factors influencing the erythemal irradiance

The interplay of the device design with the irradiation capacity and the spectrum of the lamp are decisive for the erythemal irradiance of tanning equipment. For example, a simple device with just a few powerful lamps achieves a higher erythemal irradiance than a device with a higher number of weaker lamps. In turn, however, the power of a lamp is not solely decisive for its tanning effect; the ultraviolet spectrum is also important.

Lamp power and tanning effect

Laws and standards may regulate the erythemal irradiance but they do not stipulate any requirements about a lamp’s tanning effect. In this way, every tanning device can be equipped with tanning lamps in such a way that it complies with the nationally prescribed erythemal irradiance and the lamps still achieve a higher tanning effect in the device. The interplay of the device model with the lamp design and spectrum is decisive for this. Consequently, the tanning lamp is also decisive for the tanning effect. There are a range of technical possibilities for producing perfectly tanning lamps which comply with the legal restrictions. The selection of the luminescent materials plays a special role because they define the focus of the tanning effect (immediate tan / long-lasting tan).


National regulations concerning the erythemal irradiance must be taken seriously and complied with. If case of doubt, please ask your device manufacturer or dealer whether your device corresponds with the maximum permissible value. In this case, you can employ every equivalent lamp when changing the lamp. When doing so, the tanning effect of the lamp should be decisive for your selection. The Cosmedico employees will be delighted to advise you and help you select the right type of lamps for you. Please also feel free to request advice via e-mail .

Should your device not comply with the nationally permissible highest value for erythemal irradiance, please contact our Cosmedico UV experts. The more detail you describe your device (manufacturer, model, version, year of manufacture) and the existing lamp equipment in, the more comprehensively we will be able to advise you and offer you ideally suited lamp equipment for this particular device.

Brand tanning lamps from Cosmedico achieve optimal tanning results in every upgraded unit. Make the most of our many years of experience in tanning lamp technology. After all, only satisfying tanning results guarantee you permanently satisfied customers!

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